Handmade Industry – atelier oï goes São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil

Swiss atelier oï gets to exhibit its work at the Museu da Casa Brasileira in São Paulo – and USM is part of it!

From La Neuveville in Switzerland to São Paulo in Brazil: the Swiss design collective atelier oï receives the chance to present its work in a large exhibition at the well-known Museu da Casa Brasileira. The exhibition “Handmade Industry” is atelier oï’s first presentation in the South American region and therefore a great opportunity to introduce its work to a new audience.

atelier oï and USM Modular Furniture have gone a long way together, through various projects like different product developments or installations at Salone del Mobile or Designers’ Saturday.  “Handmade Industry” integrates various USM products, including the luminous novelty USM Haller E, the innovative USM Privacy Panels and of course the iconic USM Haller system. In collaboration with local sales partner Atec, USM proudly contributes its part to this creative Exhibition.

Brazilian energy meets Swiss design

From August 25 to October 21, 2018, the exhibition will take place under the patronage of the Swiss Consul General in São Paulo and the support of several companies and institutions. On August 28, at the beginning of São Paulo design week, USM local sales partner Atec will offer a lecture at their showroom in São Paulo by Aurel Aebi, co-founder of atelier oï. This lecture, entitled “From objects to spaces : the experience of atelier oï Switzerland”, will discuss atelier oï’s design process, explaining the elaboration of their ideas, as part of a Teamwork.

Being a center of cultural life and deeply connected with design, the Museu da Casa Brasileira is the perfect platform for atelier oï’s innovative work. The museum is located in one of the liveliest streets of São Paulo, astonishing visitors with its historical rooms and large park with big old rain forest trees. A peaceful island, perfect to pause for a moment and explore dynamic Swiss design.