“Action!” in the Buchli

Recently we had the pleasure to host the film crew of the upcoming feature film “Retour en Alexandrie” in our iconic “Buchli” house nearby the USM factory in Münsingen, Switzerland.

“Retour en Alexandrie” is coming to cinemas in Switzerland by 31 January.
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After more than 20 years, Sue returns to her native Egypt because her mother, Fairouz, is lying on her deathbed. Sue ran away from the eccentric aristocrat as a young adult. Now she feels compelled to return – if only to draw a line under their past. The journey she makes from Cairo to Alexandria holds a few surprises that allow Sue to discover her roots. In the process, she not only finds her mother, but also herself.

The feature film debut of Swiss filmmaker Tamer Ruggli is tinted with a wonderfully nostalgic hue. In this emotionally-charged road movie, Nadine Labaki shines in the lead role alongside the grande dame of French cinema Fanny Ardant.

To learn about the “Buchli” house, designed by Swiss architect Fritz Haller in 1968, whose construction principles and aesthetics translate to the USM Haller modular system – go to buchli.usm.com.

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