Design custom office bookcases

Workplace bookcases always have to do double duty: easily accessible storage for documents; and stylish display piece for books and magazines. In the perfect solution, practicality and elegance are fused: furniture that looks and feels “right” in the office because it performs its storage and display functions with precision.


The hallmark of USM furniture is an effortless style that results from precise, ingenious design. Using the USM Haller system, you can build completely unique bookcases for your office. From a set of versatile standard parts, create shelving that is just the right size and shape; choose a colour that sets the perfect tone for your working environment; and select built-in storage and display features - including drawers, lockable doors and extendable shelves - that meet your business’s needs with reliable accuracy. Then make the most of the system’s modularity by adding to or adapting the shelving as your company grows or your office environment changes.

How to design the perfect bookcase for your office

The perfect bookcase for your office is not the same as the perfect bookcase for the office next door - it depends on your company’s personality and storage needs, as well as the physical qualities of the space you have available.


As a set of restricting factors, it’s worth paying attention to the physical characteristics of the space as well as the natural light levels: if the later is low, open shelving and lighter colours can help to draw light through the space, and positioning your shelving to avoid unnecessarily blocking or absorbing any light can also be beneficial. Other permanent features to take into account include any exposed beams or support structures and the finish of the floors, walls and ceilings. Offset heavy wooden features with brighter colouring in your shelving, or work with existing industrial features with cool silvers and greys.

The details of the shelving itself should be led by careful consideration of your storage and display needs. Select a variety of shelving widths and depths to perfectly house a variety of books and other objects and create visual stylish depth in the bookcase at the same time. For sensitive documentation and valuables, include lockable doors or drawers; for trophies, awards and art pieces, include glass modules for both protection and elegant display. You can also add additional internal storage and display features from the USM Inos range of tailor-made accessories: file trays for easy access, removable storage boxes for workers’ personal effects and much more.

Get a feel for the almost infinite variety of bookcases built using the USM Haller system using our interactive online configurator. To work with one of our experts in office design on unique furniture for your workplace, get in touch.