Modern old Hollywood

Ryan Rudd is on top of the world – that’s the way it feels inside his downtown Orlando apartment, located in an 18-story, Old Hollywood–inspired high-rise aptly dubbed the Star Tower. Hidden high in the clouds, the building looks out onto a verdant expanse of trees. Pausing to taking it all in, it’s clear why Rudd – a lawyer who’s lived in Orlando for over a decade – calls the space a “sanctuary.”

He and his fiancée, Natasha Romero, have lived in the Star Tower for two years. Inside, the pair have succeeded in emulating the sense of calm exuded by their external surroundings. The space they’ve created merges their shared love of fashion, colour, pop art and modern design. The result is at once soothing and stylish, sleek and soft, masculine and feminine. Contributing to that successful blend is a sophisticated selection of furnishings that reflect the couple’s taste for both the classic and the contemporary - a high glamour interior that feels like home.

“When I think about it, there’s really no place I’d rather be than home.”
- Ryan Rudd, homeowner

A suite of USM Haller furniture throughout the home is the cornerstone of this eclectic but perfectly balanced aesthetic. In the living room, a beige USM Haller sideboard serves as a classically elegant backdrop for art and books, as well as providing ample storage. The same room sports a glass USM Haller display unit, housing a collection of art and other accoutrements. Elsewhere in the home, an elegant black dressing table stands to attention against velvet wallpaper. Equally chic are orange bedside tables that provide the perfect contrast to the same velvet wallpaper.

It’s old-fashioned romance in the present day, but to the betrothed couple, it’s much more than a pretty package. “Natasha and I travel often,” Rudd says. “But when I think about it, there’s really no place I’d rather be than home.”

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