Tradition meets modernity

When you’ve spent a great deal of time and money working with architects, designers and builders to craft your dream house, it’s worth spending a little extra time to ensure that the interior furnishings you choose live up the promise of their environment.

Whether you’ve just redecorated a home you’ve lived in for decades, or if you’ve just completed a grand project that was years in the making, don’t miss the chance to introduce quality new furnishings that are worthy of their new surroundings.

Masterclass: one foot in tradition, the other in modernity

The Abillama family’s home in Lebanon is the sort of building that could only exist in a country with centuries of diverse historical influences under its belt. Built around an original single-story house with a central hall and four adjoining rooms, the complex was later expanded with the addition of an upper storey and a stunning Italian Renaissance-inspired loggia looking out over its grounds and the sea beyond.

The building suffered a major setback during the country’s civil war (1975 to 1990), when a grenade severely damaged it. In 2003 it was overhauled all over again, with a bold restoration and modern addition that pays homage to the existing traditionalist architecture while also pulling it beautifully into the twenty-first century. In contrast with the almost soft lime-washed sandstone of the surviving older sections of the house, the new addition - a living room and three children’s bedrooms - is polished and modern.

The redesign architect Raëd Abillama (who happens to be the new homeowner’s brother) also handled the interiors for these rooms, bringing a stylistic unity in from the outside. The decorations and furnishing he chose - an elegant mixture of antiques and design classics from the like of Eames and Jacobsen - continue the theme of the old meeting the new with every piece chosen being of a quality that does justice to their impressive environment.

Also bringing a unity to the new rooms is an extensive suite of USM Haller pieces, which unfold throughout the home into a universe of possibilities, enriching the living areas with colour and functionality, allowing each space to tell its own story (albeit in a shared language). Large combined shelving and closed storage units line the walls of the children’s bedrooms - in brown, green and white respectively, to marry the decor and the individual child’s tastes perfectly. An elegant grey sideboard provides plenty of storage in the home office.

An orange reception table with lockable drawers adds a dash of colour in the hallway. It’s exactly the kind of luxury demanded by the family’s luxury home.

Design the perfect pieces of furniture for your home, no matter how high the luxury of the environment, with the USM Haller system. You can start designing bespoke pieces today with our interactive online configurator, or get in touch now to work with our experts in furniture design on the right pieces for your home.