A Timeless Modern Product Portfolio

The Elementary Vision of the Systems Ensures its Lasting Beauty

For this company, the answer to the question of how a classic can be further refined is easy to answer: by remaining true to oneself. In an era in which the worlds of life and work coalesce and change, flexibility and variety are crucial to the design of a product. USM can reliably trust its own vision.

Every room expresses how one thinks and feels; here, there is no difference between people and institutions. It's a very special kind of work-life balance, to which USM Modular Furniture can contribute. The value of the furniture always includes an added value that is not only expressed through ergonomics, efficiency or certified quality. The sustainability of the products plays a key role.

For USM, the responsible management of energy, emissions, raw materials and production methods goes without saying. However, from an environmental standpoint, the service life of the product is far and away the most important aspect: the longer a product is usable, the smaller its impact on the environment. This course is determined very early in the life of a piece of furniture: precision, strength, practicality and a timeless aesthetic contribute to USM quality.

The USM components are continuously updated in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, while the look and the basic principles remain unchanged. This ensures that each new system component can be integrated into existing configurations. Even USM Modular Furniture Haller made in the early 1960s is still being used today and can be effortlessly expanded. USM's product vision defines this with one established term: backward compatibility.

The visions and principles that otherwise keep a product up-to-date over such a long period of time not only apply to USM Modular Furniture Haller, which celebrated its 50th year in production in 2015, but also to the additional product lines which are compatible with each other. USM Table Construction System Kitos (1990), USM Interior Organization System Inos (1996) and USM Privacy Panels (2015).

The principle that form follows function is heeded in all product lines. This creates a reduction in form, paired with an abundance of functionality. You could also say: it is concentrating on the essentials. That's where USM is in its element. USM Modular Furniture is adjustable down to the smallest detail and its interiors are as customisable as its exteriors. Thanks to its modularity, which is always based on three fundamental elements, the opportunities for further development have long ago achieved their own dimension. They are consistently open systems. New perspectives develop in order to make way for change and thus for the future.

The power of innovation allows new products and product developments to take shape while accommodating changes. Since Paul Schärer Jr. and Fritz Haller conceived USM Modular Furniture Haller in 1963, it has become a globally recognized design classic. A piece of architecture with artistic character. The knowledge that USM products are timelessly and sustainably beautiful transfers the self-awareness of the furniture to its purchasers and users. The customer gains a clear sense of self-awareness, not to be confused with self-expression. “We have an honest product,” says Alexander Schärer, the owner and CEO of USM. And that remains the most beautiful expression of the language of design.