Design with a message

The public areas of your business provide an opportunity to present an image of your company to the world – not just its aesthetics, but also its principles and even its core philosophies. Just as much as the products your company makes or the services it provides, the design decisions you make in these spaces will impact on the impression your business makes on every customer, client, and collaborator who visits.

close-up of metal office storage cabinet in ruby red

Ensure that the interior design decisions you make are representative of your business by focusing on evoking the qualities of the products your company produces or the services it provides. By manifesting these qualities – durability, perhaps, maybe playfulness or elegance – in your business’s physical environment, you can wordlessly communicate the core messages of your brand and the key benefits of your business. When done right, this can have an intangible but significant impact on your visitor’s perception of your company – and, as a result, your bottom line.

Masterclass: sailing in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is not only a beautiful resort town on the French Riviera – it’s also the home of some of the world’s most prestigious sailing events, including Les Voiles de Saint Tropez. Founded in 1962, the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez is the resort’s biggest sailing club, as well as the organizer of these famous races.

The Society recently moved into a new headquarters right on the marina. Upon their arrival they took the opportunity to modernize and create an environment that encapsulates the organization’s personality. Just like the company itself, the new clubhouse is open, fresh, modern, and welcoming, featuring clean white walls, pale wood floors, and a series of nautical portholes for illumination.

interior design incorporating branding with red and white metal sideboards

A suite of USM Haller furniture throughout the complex is instrumental in developing this atmosphere: clean lines and a metal finish feel timelessly modern, even a little nautical themselves. White pieces help the space to feel clean and open; red pieces inject a dash of color; and the combination of red and white pays homage to the Saint-Tropez flag, which forms the basis of the organization’s logo and branding. With the range of custom pieces they designed every functional need is covered: capacious end-of-desk storage for administrative work stations, extensive open shelving for documentation and plenty of lockable storage for sensitive materials and valuables – there’s even a varnished wood veneer USM Haller table for the meeting room. Visitors can’t help but go away with the impression of a sophisticated and reliable organization.

elegant designer office furniture in USM Haller ruby red and pure white

Contact us today to work with one of our furniture design experts on custom suites of furniture to transform the impression your company’s public spaces make on visitors. If you’d prefer, you can also buy ready-made pieces from our online shop.