The modern workplace is modular

Best practices around the optimum ways to structure a workplace have changed a lot in the last few decades.

Once we thought that everyone should get an office, before switching to the belief that everyone should get a cubicle, only to switch it up again by saying that everybody should get their own space in a fully open environment. After much research, a new way has emerged centered around a simple question: why should everybody be expected to work in the same environment every day, when each worker’s needs are different – and, indeed, when one worker’s needs themselves change so much over the course of a day?

The solution is a workplace that frees the worker from any single place, letting them organize their working day around the activities they’ll be performing, instead of being bound to their designated working area. This kind of environment calls for not only separated relaxation areas, but also for environments that are tailored to different kinds of work: quiet, isolated areas for intense focus, specialized workstations for particular tasks, collaborative areas to encourage the flow of ideas within teams and whatever other kinds of space will make your particular workforce happy, motivated, and productive. Most importantly, this design philosophy calls for an environment that can be quickly adapted to the emerging needs of a busy and varied workforce.

USM modular furnishings are uniquely suited to this task: custom pieces of office furniture, designed and built to order with the exact functionalities your business requires, including uniquely reconfigurable storage and display systems and height-adjustable desks and tables.

USM Haller filing cabinets and shelves in pure white in an open plan office

Masterclass: time for a change

Ebner Publishing’s publications include the world’s largest watch magazine Chronos, known in the US as WatchTime. With their focus on timepieces, the publishers know pinpoint precision and luxury style when they see it. Their ultramodern headquarters in Ulm, Germany, reflects these qualities: stunning architecture, integrated energy efficiency solutions and a spacious, modern working environment.

USM Haller chrome and white bookshelves in an office library

When creating the office layout, they grasped the chance to be at the forefront of the activity-based workplace design movement, freeing their workforce from single workstations and introducing relaxation areas alongside a variety of working areas customized to a particular function. To create the partitions for these different areas, there was only one option: the USM Haller modular system. Finished in a clean, neutral light gray, Ebner designed a series of custom pieces with extensive drawer-based storage in three layers at the bottom, topped off with a mixture of closed shelving, magazine display shelves, and open display shelves at the top. These larger units are supplemented with waist-high storage features that provide subtle zoning without breaking up the openness of the space. The pieces therefore perform a triple service: storage for the company’s documentation and other business effects, display for their own magazines and periodicals, and elegant workspace partitioning. Best of all, the modular furniture allows for constant reconfiguration, bringing true dynamism to the space: the partitions can be moved or adapted at any time to accommodate a growing workforce, introduce new areas, or simply for a change.

white and chrome USM Haller filing cabinets in an office cubical

Each of the working areas also features USM Haller desks that are not only tailored to a particular function, but that also make use of a height-adjustment feature, allowing them to adapt to meet specific requirements at a moment’s notice. Open breakout areas encourage collaboration with height-adjustable USM Kitos tables with circular tabletops.

The result? A tailor-made environment that meets the business’s exact needs with precision and elegance, letting them deliver the best results – on time.

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