Firm foundations for growth: furniture that expands with your business

Every business aims to grow: more exciting projects, extra talent, along with increased recognition and respect. With growth comes some of the most exciting, and daunting, challenges a business can face – the ones associated with new employees, new premises, and all sorts of new collaborators and clients visiting the office.

Having to buy new furniture for every stage is, however, costly, stressful, and time-consuming. On the other hand, furniture that’s truly adaptable to your changing circumstances – reconfigurable, aesthetically versatile, and genuinely robust – offers an incalculable advantage of allowing you to be prepared for change. That’s what USM modular furnishings offer: the chance to focus on the things that really matter to your business, secure in the knowledge that your furniture will continue to perform, look good, and grow with you, come what may.

green USM Haller office storage in use as a breakout meeting area

Masterclass: the studio in the suburbs

Between the idyllic tracks of a small regional train and a residential street framed by lush green trees in a suburb of Toyama, Japan, lies the custom-built headquarters of web design company, Grofield. The L-shaped building was specifically built to serve the company’s twin goals of easy communication and focused working. At the very start of the design process, they selected furniture that would also satisfy these goals: USM. The rest of the design was determined with this as a fixed point.

Walking into the office, a USM Haller combined storage and display unit is the most striking feature of the environment. Set against clean wooden floors and pure white walls, the USM pieces’ green finish strikes a balance between bold playfulness and naturalism. It functions as a visual divide between the banks of desks on either side, as well as a communication hub for informal meetings and a complete storage solution for the paper-free office. An alternating grid of open display shelves and closed drawers, the unit is playful, modern, and specifically designed to be ready for easy additions when the number of staff at the firm expands.

minimalist modern office conference room with USM Haller table in wood and metal

Rows of USM Haller workstations with oak and walnut finishes complement the studio’s wooden flooring, while their chrome-finished, tubular legs continue the motif set by the central USM Haller piece. Identical tables are sufficiently elegant to also serve as meeting tables in the conference rooms and executive offices – here, USM sideboards in cool black contribute to a more traditional ambience. Of course, these units can also be extended or adapted as the company continues to expand.

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