Bring productivity to the table with custom workstations

It might sound obvious, but providing every worker in your office with a work environment in which they can flourish is absolutely invaluable. When it comes to workstations, that means more than simply providing well-built desks. It means providing desks that are tailored to the worker’s needs and are adaptable to changing requirements over time.

Design a bank of desks in which each individual workstation is tailored to its user: adjustable height desks for those who need them, support arms for workers who use flat screen monitors, and cable-tidying elements for those who use a lot of electronic devices. For private offices, create standalone executive desks in a color and finish that matches the room’s decor and the user’s own tastes.

Tailor each desk’s storage to its user: discreet under-desk material trays for employees with minimal storage requirements for personal effects and stationery, but for those with more substantial filing needs whole end-of-desk or under-desk cabinets are a better fit.

USM Kitos and USM Haller desks in some of our most popular styles are available from our our online shop. To order any other desk design or talk with one of our experts, get in touch.