Frequently asked questions

What is the USM Haller system made of?

The frame of every USM Haller is made up of two components: sturdy chrome-plated steel tubes and ingenious chromed brass connector balls holding the tubes together. Most of the flat panels in the system are made of sheet steel, sprayed in your choice of one of the 14 classic USM colors.

Are there any other finishes available for the USM Haller?

Various finishes and colors are available for the USM Haller’s panels, including glass and perforated steel. The frame of the USM Haller system is only available in the classic chrome finish.

Do I have to install it myself?

No. Delivery and installation are fully handled by our expert team. They will deliver it at a time that’s convenient for you and assemble it in position to your satisfaction. They won’t leave until you’re happy with your new furniture’s position, and they won’t leave any trace of their work behind them.

How can I purchase USM furniture?

If you live close to London, you have the choice of visiting our Clerkenwell showroom where the USM UK team is based, or one of our approved dealer partners to work on designs for your furniture and place an order.

How long will it take to arrive?

Depending on your order, between six and eight weeks. When you place your order you’ll be able to select a date that suits you in the available delivery window. We’ll deliver in the morning or afternoon, according to your preference.

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