Your own personal sanctuary: relaxing bedroom environments

What does calm mean to you?

The bedroom is the one place in your home where you can focus purely on your own peace and comfort. Create a space in which you can experience serene tranquility, completely separated from the stresses and strains of daily life.

blue USM Haller modular bedroom furniture

Creating your own bedroom sanctuary

True tranquility relies on nearly all of the senses. In a bedroom, that means soft sheets, snug blankets and supportive pillows. It means the reassuring smell of your own home and the fresh scent of clean laundry. It means separation from the busy noise of our modern lives and, wherever possible, serene silence. It means an environment that’s not only easy on the eye, but that also positively promotes a feeling of calm. It means walking into a room in which you feel immediately at home, relaxed and ready for rest.

USM Haller bedside table in pure white in minimalist bedroom

The right furnishings not only contribute to these visual aspects, they help you keep the whole environment clean and ordered, contributing to a sense of calm on almost every front. They also allow you to set whatever stylistic tone makes you feel most comfortable, whether that’s open and airy or warm and snug.

bedside table with large drawer and bookshelf in pure white bedroom

Sometimes, the change you need can be as simple as a new nightstand. Use the USM Haller system to design the perfect night table for your bedroom in a color that matches your stylistic preferences, and with functionality that meets your needs. Select an open compartment for your favorite books and magazines topped off with a drawer for phone, glasses and whatever else you need. Opt for a larger unit with two large drawers if you have more items you would like to store. Most people prefer a nightstand that’s just a little bit taller than the bed, to put lamps at the right height and to prevent drinks from being spilled.

bespoke beige befroom furniture in a white modern home

Dressers and other storage pieces can also turn your bedroom environment around. Design a wardrobe, dresser, or end-of-bed storage that’s uniquely designed to house your belongings in style: Open clothing racks for coats and shirts, deep drawers for other clothing and open shelving for books and anything else you’d like to store in your bedroom. The built-in lighting elements of the USM Haller E can be invaluable for creating a richly textured depth and elegance around your bedroom’s furnishings, as well as providing convenient USB charging ports.

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