Everything in its right place: the ultimate vinyl storage

There is a beauty to furniture that’s perfectly fit for function.

For many of us, the pieces of media we collect and the devices on which we play them are among our most treasured possessions. No one knows this more than a collector of vinyl – they cherish the memories that their collections of LPs conjure and often become deeply attached to the idiosyncrasies of their equipment; the particular crackle of a turntable, or the familiar sound of a well-loved speaker system.

Finding a storage unit to house such a precious collection, that also fits in with the owner's overall decor and has the added flexibility to grow as further additions are acquired, can be a difficult task, but Alexander Gächter discovered the perfect solution.

black USM Haller living room media unit for music and TV

Masterclass: The vinyl collector

Gächter‘s 1920s Zurich apartment is exactly the sort of space which you might imagine a visual designer would call home: bright, open and airy, with clean lines and prominent wall-hanging art. Gächter’s love of music has led over the years to an impressive vinyl collection. He found storing the collection in a way befitting of his stylish, modern home was a real challenge though. After much consideration, he found the perfect solution in a low-slung USM Haller media unit with panels that perfectly house every LP he owns. Gracing almost three meters of an otherwise-unadorned wall in the apartment, the unit draws attention without being ostentatious.

beige USM Haller vinyl unit in a modern room

Gächter also designed the unit to be precisely deep and wide enough to house the pride and joy of his music collection, a forty-year-old Grundig Studio 2000 Hi Fi. It now sits proudly atop the unit, fitting in flawlessly with the gray-and-chrome finish of the furniture. The unit also features a designated home for an almost equally impressive collection of CDs – extendable CD holders fitted specifically for that purpose – and customized drawers for the additional storage of other media players and knickknacks.

white and silver USM media unit for CDs and vinyl

Perhaps best of all is the furniture’s promise to expand as Gächter‘s collection inevitably grows. When he runs out of room for more CDs and LPs, or buys a new gadget to sit alongside the Hi Fi, the unit will effortlessly accommodate additional modules with whatever functionality he requires.

white USM Haller vinyl unit in classic white room

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