Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

The Louis Vuitton Foundation, is a place devoted to contemporary art in particular, opened in 2014 and is on the border of the Garden of Acclimatation and the Bois de Boulogne. Driven by Bernard Arnault and imagined by the architect Frank Gehry, this building is now in line with the monuments of Paris, thanks to its strength and singularity.

Louis Vuitton Fondation
Louis Vuitton Fondation by Frank Gehry

When it came to equipping all of the Foundation's offices, USM furniture was the natural choice. In addition to the requirement of quality and image, the furniture had to offer the best possible functionality in spaces where dimensions matched the singular shape of the building.

Louis Vuitton Fondation by Frank Gehry
USM Haller glass coffee table

Pure white USM storage cabinets elegantly cover and partition the space, while the individual workspaces are decorated in different colours: the desks are equipped with golden yellow, ruby ​​red, gentian blue and pure orange pedestals.

USM Haller furniture in the Louis Vuitton Foundation
USM Haller white and red furniture
USM Haller white room dividing furniture

USM Haller desks were also chosen for meeting spaces and individual offices.

White and golden yellow USM Haller furniture in the Louis Vuitton Foundation
USM Haller desks with orange and gentian blue pedestals

Clarity and the image of quality have lead this project. Thanks to the light and high-end aesthetics of USM furniture the requirements were perfectly fulfilled. Whether it’s the reception area, meeting rooms or individual workspaces, the USM systems set the tone in this case with simplicity.

USM Haller desks
Interior of the Louis Vuitton Foundation

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