Always ready to meet

The perfect meeting table immediately creates an air of professionalism around you and your visitors - from clients and associates to interviewees and potential collaborators. It presents you and your business as capable, reliable and interesting (not to mention sophisticated).

For the traditional boardroom, it almost goes without saying that the perfect conference table will be robust, sturdy, and quietly stylish - finished in elegant etched glass or muted blacks and blues. Introduce a layer of modernism with smart connectivity options including USB charging ports.

For more modern environments and meeting rooms, the options are almost endless and completely adaptable to your business’s unique style. Small circular tables allow for small collaborative meetings; miniature coffee tables in any formation - built using the USM Haller system - encourage the free flow of ideas in breakout areas.

If you want to purchase a USM Haller piece yourself design it now in our online configurator, or find a quick-ship selection of curated USM pieces in our online shop, or find your local sales partner here. Or visit our USM showroom in London.