A different colour in every room

London, UK

Completed in 2017, the 13,000sq. foot office was designed by architects AHMM who were tasked with designing a space that unified the different areas in the building to create a cohesive style across the floor.

100 New Oxford Street overlooks the Stanhope development of Central Saint Giles buildings designed by Renzo Piano. The vibrant colours of this local landmark were a starting point for the design, making for a striking palette of USM storage panels.

Each of the 12 meeting rooms incorporate USM Haller configured credenzas in a variety of colours including Golden Yellow, Pure Orange and USM Beige that were chosen to compliment the artworks hung in the workspace. The different coloured USM credenzas create unique identities for each meeting room. The credenzas are used to house technology and the tableware used for refreshments.

In the main office area, which is home to up to 80 employees, USM Haller furniture in green is used in a variety of forms: as end of desk storage and also in banks of standing height storage units that landscape and define areas while giving the office’s inhabitants an abundance of spaces to stand at for informal meetings or team work. The USM units can be accessed from both sides creating a variety of storage options whilst also acting as a room divider.

An impressive black reception desk created from USM is the dominant feature at the Stanhope reception. Inspired by the minimalist style of American artist Donald Judd, the desk not only looks striking but also by its very nature creates a fantastic amount of storage.

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