Berlin, Germany

On April 2016, Goalgirls launched their creative agency in Berlin. Pioneers of a unique agency structure, Holacracy; a method of decentralised management and organisational governance, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout self-organising teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. How do you manage to create a suitable working environment for 93 women? One establishes a 'co-creagency'.

Goalgirls are a micro-community, working interdisciplinary and experimental for non-profit organisations as well as established brands. Their campaigns are progressive and speak for a young, conscious generation.

The special feature of the 'co-creagency' is that the space is used for panel events, recording of podcasts, workshops and concentrated work. A multi-coloured USM Haller shelf serves both as a room divider and as eye-catching storage. The yellow-orange-white colour combination is also picked up by a roll body, which is used as a mobile storage space.

The mechanically height-adjustable Kitos M table is suitable for short stand-up meetings or as a seated workplace. Goalgirls chose USM for its multifunctionality to fit perfectly into the flexible, creative working environment.

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