Brand Trust in Germany

During the working week, many of us spend more of our waking hours at the office than at home. For the owners of Brand Trust GmbH, that simple fact leads to a design principle: that the office should be just as comfortable as a homestead. As a result, their entire workplace is outfitted with stylish wall fabrics, high-quality flooring and splendid flower arrangements – all in subtle, warm colours.

Employees draw comfort from their environment as a whole. One factor is natural light: positioning workstations near windows can be an important first step in increasing satisfaction. Decorative factors are also key: a space that appears welcoming and supportive is vital in making employees feel welcomed and supported. Up-to-date style, warm colours, art on the walls and living plants can all develop this kind of ambience.

Another set of steps to make employees feel supported is attention to the workplace’s flow - the movement of noise, people and ideas. Controlling noise is particularly important in the modern open-plan workplace. Workers’ well being depends on being able to perform their role with focus, so take steps to control the progress of noise with carefully positioned furniture and pieces with sound-dampening materials. The same goes for the flow of people and information: position workstations and make use of other furniture pieces to create spaces where each individual feels connected and ready to collaborate, but comfortable in their own area and able to focus on the task at hand.

When it came to selecting furnishings for the space, employees’ health and happiness were an absolute priority for Brand Trust. Each worker was provided with a USM Kitos M height-adjustable desk. By being able to set the desk’s height, they’re able to ensure that it’s ergonomically suited to their needs, and to break up the day by turning it into a standing desk in an instant. The company has also deployed a series of USM Privacy Panels around the office in order to mitigate the flow of noise and ensure that each staff member can work in peace. And a series of USM Haller units finished in graphite black bring an elegant stylistic unity to the workspace, as well as providing ample storage space, ensuring everything has its own place. As a result, Brand Trust’s staff are able to perform at their absolute peak, and they remain extremely loyal to the company.

Happy and healthy employees make for a happy and healthy company.

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