Ghiora Aharoni's New York Studio

Meeting practical storage demands is a key requirement of office furniture - but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for functionality. Great office furniture tackles both: elegant solutions to practical problems.

designer Ghiora Aharoni with his modern black USM Haller furniture

Ghiora Aharoni, the internationally renowned artist and designer, knows this better than most. When he moved his own famous studio into a new location in New York, every design decision he made was guided by a single goal - building elegantly beautiful solutions that satisfied the studio’s requirements. This stems from his belief that an inspirational environment encourages the people who work there to take pride in what they do, driving them to produce outstanding work.

Ghiora Aharoni designer's studio with modular USM Haller sideboards in black
Ghiora Aharoni designer's studio with modular USM Haller sideboards in black

The cornerstone of the project was a storage system for objects relating to the studio’s current and past projects, as well as the more mundane ones every workplace needs. Aharoni’s requirements for the storage system were diverse. He wanted a way to display beautiful books and pieces of art, whilst providing clear segmentation to the otherwise open plan office. He also needed the storage solution to seamlessly fit in with his interior design aesthetic - a celebration of craftsmanship and technology through a mixture of metal and wooden surfaces in a cool colour palette.

USM Haller black office storage cabinets in a modern workplace
Ghiora Aharoni designer's studio with modular USM Haller sideboards in black

He found the perfect solution in a series of striking Graphite Black USM Haller sideboard - the drawers provide the primary storage space in the studio, while shelving on the top layer showcases items from their collection, supplying them with an easy way to change what’s on display at a moment’s notice for added flexibility. The sideboards’ black paneling and chrome fixtures seamlessly melds with the industrial architecture, like the black metal staircases, and provides the perfect backdrop for highlighting the studio’s fascinating collection.

Ghiora Aharoni designer's studio with modular USM Haller sideboards in black
"Besides using USM in our studio, we’ve used it in both our residential and commercial projects, and will continue to do so."

- Ghiora Aharoni

Providing a stark counterpoint to the airy environment, Aharoni placed the sideboards in clean lines around the office to create distinct sections, without sacrificing the openness of the space. The result is a celebration of expansiveness, light and materials. Equally importantly, the studio has become the inspirational environment he hoped for, encouraging the designers who work there to pursue the same level of excellence in their own work. As Aharoni says, “the studio is an expression of our design sensibility: purity of form; the combination of natural and industrial materials; and a melding of craftsmanship and technology.”

You can design your own office sideboards using the USM Haller system​ - visit our interactive online configurator ​to try for yourself. ​