Calzada Fox x USM


Colour combinations for design icons

USM welcomed Calzada Fox, colour trend experts, into our London showroom to host a colour workshop. Architects and interior designers learnt more about how colour and trends effect their designs.  Colour has always been a subject designers say they have the least knowledge of but is the most effective tool to create human-centred spaces to connect with the people who use them.

Calzada Fox’s CPD accredited workshop explored space and colour through wellbeing, navigation and trends. Participants learned how to create a smart office by utilising all the space, the impact of trends in furniture and functionality and how to integrate their personal style into trend concepts.  The participants also learned how to work with the USM collection to create inspiring spaces and how timeless pieces can live within a modern design environment.

"Considering the impact of changing colour relationships within spaces and how we can evolve these, forms the basis for a sustainable approach to interior design and architecture. The iconic USM collection was the perfect starting point for these fantastic guests to explore ideas in colour perception and empower future thinking." - Justine Fox & Carolina Calzada

We hosted architects and interior designers from Wilson Associates, Zaha Hadid, BDP, MKV Design, AFK Studios, Cazarica Design, LXA, Roselind Wilson and NBBJ.

There will be further workshops held this year, if you are interested in attending we would love to hear from you to reserve your spot -  [email protected]

Photographer: Albert Palen