Toy storage your kids will love

Having ample storage for your children’s toys shouldn’t mean compromising on the overall aesthetic of your home.

The key? High quality pieces that stand the test of time, are fun to use, and finished in colours that match the rest of the home. Design toy boxes on wheels for children to wheel around, or storage units and sideboards with shelving for them to display their favourite possessions. Make the most of bright colours, including even bold multi-hued pieces, to delight little ones and keep you happy with the elegant style.

Durable and wear-resistant materials ensure that the furniture will have a long life. Best of all, furniture built using the USM Haller system can grow with your children as their needs change. Add additional modules as your children get bigger and introduce new elements, such as drawers for school work, when they’re old enough.

If you want to purchase a USM Haller piece yourself design it now in our online configurator, or find a quick-ship selection of curated USM pieces in our online shop, or find your local sales partner here. Or visit our USM showroom in London.