Colour furniture that grows with your kids

What if the perfect furniture for a kid’s bedroom wasn’t a piece of “children’s furniture” at all? What if you could design desks, dressing tables, bedside tables and wardrobes for your children's bedrooms using a single furniture system? What if you could have the furniture built to a certain size when your children are small, then add to it without hassle as they grow? What if the furniture was so timeless and durable that it would not only last throughout their childhood, but also be ready to go with them when they finally move out?

The USM modular furniture system promises exactly that. Use it to design furniture that your children will really love - furniture that’s bright and colourful, but so timelessly stylish that they’ll never grow out of it. Using the modular system, you can design pieces in one striking colour, or mix any number of colours into a single playful piece. As your children grow and their interests change, you can easily add to or reconfigure the furniture to meet their evolving needs. By investing in quality furniture that children and adults alike will love, you can rely on it to become a part of every stage of your child's life.

An education in style

A custom-built family home in Lucerne, Switzerland features beautiful exposed concrete, tranquil lake views and stunning Alpine panoramas. When it came to planning the interior design for the three children’s rooms, the parents chose to embrace the USM Haller system due to its lifelong durability and its adaptability to each child’s personality. On their first day of school, each child received a suite of USM furnishings in their choice of colour. The oldest decided on green, the daughter on ruby red and the youngest on golden yellow.

In each case, the furniture reflects the child’s personality and gives each of their rooms its own individualistic flair. The units also provide the children with all of the storage they need and are more than hardy enough to endure the trials of childhood. While bold and bright, they’re not tied to any particular age or stage of childhood, this means they will remain stylish and current through any number of redecorations and new hobbies.

The parents are happy too: the children’s tastes are taken into account without compromising the style of the house in any way, plus with the furniture promising to last a lifetime, it’s a sound investment. “Do you still have the furnishings from your childhood room?” the owner slyly asks. Of course not. Most people part with their childhood furniture as they grow up. But the USM pieces will move with his children when they finally leave home. That is the advantage of a timeless classic.

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