Home comforts: tailor-made home offices

Transform your home office with creative, inspiring and stylish furniture.

Build the home office you’ve always dreamed of, or adapt with your existing environment with transformative new pieces of furniture. Create bookshelves, sideboards, or mobile storage pedestals using the USM Haller system. Select a color that suits the room and sets the perfect mood for your home – golden yellow for playful creativity; muted grays for quiet calm – and select a mixture of storage and display pieces to meet your specific needs. If space is at a premium, you can even include drop-down doors that double as a workstation for laptops.

If you’ve got more space, you can also design a custom desk for your home office. Choose a sleek glass finish for high-class serenity or wood veneer for homely comfort, in a size and shape that perfectly fits the space.

The result is a modern home office that will enhance your productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

If you want to purchase a USM Haller piece yourself design it now in our online configurator, or find a quick-ship selection of curated USM pieces in our online shop, or find your local sales partner here. Or visit our USM showroom in London.