A custom wardrobe for your bedroom

Discover the beauty of bedroom storage that’s perfectly tailored to your style and needs.

Use colour combinations to add a new stylistic dimension to your bedroom or match existing décor - or select pieces in pure white or black for elegant minimalism. Make the most of in-built lighting elements to throw your clothing into crisp relief or provide the room with a subtle background glow. You can even use the USM Haller system to build a complete storage system for your walk-in wardrobe.

Take a look at some of our favourite and most creative wardrobe designs, from minimalist freestanding drawer/ clothing rail combinations to elaborate statement pieces with extensive storage room for all of your clothing and all sorts of other treasures and keepsakes.

If you want to purchase a USM Haller piece yourself design it now in our online configurator, or find a quick-ship selection of curated USM pieces in our online shop, or find your local sales partner here. Or visit our USM showroom in London.