Transparent Double Life

Museum of Design, Zurich

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Transparent Double Life

What might be construed as a character flaw in everyday life is, for USM, a high distinction: its double life. How so? When the renowned Museum of Design Zurich moved its public collection into the remodeled Toni-Areal in September 2014, new office furniture had to be procured. The final choice was USM – the very same USM that made its way into the museum's collection long ago.

At the Museum of Design Zurich, we appreciate the long lifespan, the multifunctional, adaptive system and the innovative corporate culture.”

The employees in the different collections' offices and management enjoy the form and function of USM Modular Furniture every day. The furniture, a commodity much used and highly valued, plays an active role in the daily life of the institution. The museum accepted USM Haller modular furniture into its collection as an objet d’art, recognizing USM’s contribution to Swiss design history and confirming the artistic character of the product.

Visitors to the public collection encounter USM Modular Furniture’s two functions: as a mundane consumer good and as a highly venerated museum piece. A very nice compliment for a design object.

Customize your furniture with the new USM Configurator.

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